Who we are

Beyond size, Beyond shape,Beyond looks.
A Body Diverse Brand.
Naturola, Inspired by woman for women. A brand that focuses on handmade lingerie, and limited apparel for you to enjoy. Each piece is created with love and care for your enjoyment. Founded by a latina artist. 

The artist chose the name Naturola as a tribute to women. The Latin word “naturola” means natural, which perfectly describes unique, confident, authentic women. Women who love and accept themselves as they are. She has now expanded her product range to include handmade items that are thoughtfully design and created with the same small batch mentality. Foremost, to portray the support for woman around the world. Soon she knew, that “naturola” would be the perfect name for her brand vision. And so- Naturola was born!
We aim to challenge traditional beauty standards and celebrate diversity in body shapes, sizes, and appearances. We want to feature models of various sizes, ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds to showcase that beauty comes in all forms. The mission is to promote self-confidence and acceptance among individuals with different body types.
Inspired by women femininity, authenticity and uniqueness!
 This is only the beginning!
The Naturola Team